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What makes Rhythm State Academy different to other companies?

We are a small business based in London. Rhythm State Academy holds equal importance on dance skills and teaching skills, bringing high quality dance to education. Founder Katy Hammond is a qualified teacher and all staff undergo training, are supplied with schemes of work as well as in house observations and quality assurance. 

Our staff have:

  • CRB's

  • Great classroom management skills

  • Industry experience 

  • Teacher training 

  • Passion to inspire

  • Creativity 

  • Great dance & choreography skills

Our core values are building confidence, self esteem and bringing fun to fitness. We believe dance is so much more than a way to keep fit. Developing confidence and self esteem in children and young adults is extremely important. We believe that learning routines, over coming obstacles, taking part in performances and celebrating their growth & achievements can give pupils a huge sense of pride. Engendering this pride in learning we believe is a key part of their education and experience. Rhythm State Academy can provide this through our carefully created street dance and afrobeats dance sessions, that make learning fun. 

Want street dance or afro dance in your school, youth centre or any other organisation? Contact Rhythm State Academy on

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